FAQ: Can I be tested? What will I need to provide when getting tested?

1. Who does the Center of Disease Control (CDC) consider eligible for the COVID-19 rapid diagnostic PCR test?

a) Anyone 65 years or older with cough, cold, fever, fatigue, or congestion

b) Anyone under 65 with cough, cold, congestion, fever, fatigue and with underlying conditions, such as:

– hypertension
– diabetes
– on steroids
– immune deficiencies
– cancer recovery
– cardiac conditions
– chronic lung disease
– asthma

2. If I test negative from the PCR test, am I 100% in the clear?

No. You may need an ELISA antibody test to determine your immune response. Your body may have cleared the virus depending on the day you got the PCR test or you may have insufficient viral material in the specimen of the nasal sample, making the lab results detect a negative. A ELISA test will be able to detect certain immunoglobulins so we can track the progression of your recovery.

3. What do I need to provide to schedule my visit?
Before coming to the visit, you will need a copy of both sides of your insurance card and your completed CDC PUI form provided by my staff. Please call 949-706-1212 to start the paperwork. The lab requires this paperwork and your insurance card with your sample so we kindly ask that you have it printed so I may drop off your sample directly after our visit.

4. What information do I need to fill out the forms?

On the CDC PUI form, you will need to report:

Page 1: Demographic info, name, DOB, phone number

Page 2: Symptoms and pre-existing conditions

5. What are the costs of the visit and lab tests?

The cost of a house call is usually $400. However, we are only charging $260 for COVID-19 house calls. The PCR lab test is $150 and the Antibody ELISA Lab Test is $150.

6. How can I pay?

You will need to provide a credit card with your paperwork. A Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flex Spending Account, may be used for expenses. We can provide you with a Superbill to provide to your insurance so that you can inquire about potential reimbursements. Your reimbursement depends on your deductible and plan. Antibody Tests are not billable. However, rapid PCR tests may be covered.

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