The good news is over 80% of the patients infected with the virus have very mild illness and recover in around 4 to 7 days but they can shed the virus. Studies found the virus in nasal discharge, eyes, urine and even stools as some may have diarrhea. In the studies I’ve found online, average shedding is one week. It is a smart virus and spreads during the 2 to 14 days period to others. That is why we are all staying at home.
I am posting short “home made” videos on how we can limit the spread of coronavirus at home and how to protect your self. Please check my other YouTube videos on how to boost your immunity against coronavirus (COVID-19) and some natural ways to fight the coronavirus. If you find it useful, please share them. I promise I will research everyday and post.
My personal experience as a physician in Newport Beach:
I tested six sick patients for COVID-19 last week and only one was positive and he was better in four days with my natural treatments for coronavirus and symptomatic medications.Please call our office if you need to schedule a test for coronavirus or if you need treatment.Healthy wishes and thank you for checking in.

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