The novel coronavirus is a very new disease however viruses have been around longer than humans. Because of this, our planet is rich with naturally occurring compounds that support us in maintaining good health and protecting against viruses. One of these compounds which shows remarkable anti-viral and anti-inflammatory effects is Green Tea Extract (EGCG). Preclinical research into ECGC indicates a wide array of antiviral mechanisms to support a healthy body. ECGC is quite notable in that its’ active in both viral host cells and immune cells. The coronavirus is a similar class to that of hepatitis C and Zika, which ECGC has shown to help protect against.

In one remarkable study in 1971, ECGC showed a 75% reduction in influenza infection in healthcare workers.

In the fight against coronavirus, ECGC is a great weapon to have in your arsenal. Dr. Bar combines this with her other proprietary natural antiviral compounds in her “Immune Defense” supplement packet.

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